Monday, July 8, 2013

Tick - tock - tick - tock

This morning I awoke with a cough and sore throat. That's not a good way to wake up considering that in 5 days from right now I will be arriving in Honduras for a week of working.  I am praying that this is either very short lived or an allergic reaction to something - we've had windows fans running and it's very humid out there. In such a woody area, who knows what spores floated in. 

We had a very busy few days.  Jessica had toothache and said she thought her tooth was dead. Odd thought to have (said I). I took her to the dentist and lo and behold, she had a dead tooth. Dentist said it was caused by a 'low bite' that put pressure on the bottom tooth and killed it (and insurance said she didn't need braces for 'medical purposes'. Pish posh). She had immediate partial root canal, with the rest to be done after our trip. Poor kid. Another round of antibiotics to add to the antimalarial we will be taking. Added probiotics to our packing list!

Saturday we went shopping for some new clothes for Jason. A few months ago he shared that he was losing weight and getting fit. He has done brilliantly, so far losing over 60 pounds!  With that, he took great pleasure in buying some smaller clothes for our trip! 

We also shopped for our packing list, all those small expensive bottles of shampoo etc to keep our suitcase  weights down. We did buy some Travel Bottles to fill at home too. An hour in Target can wreck havoc on the credit card. Ouch.

Volleyball champs, Jason and Gretchen
Yesterday morning, we were formally commissioned at church alongside the team of 18 that are traveling to Unalaska. Afterwards we had a great team get together, eating, swimming and some volleyball. Jason and I probably overstayed our welcome by an hour or 3. It was so relaxing and a great excuse not to be working, cleaning or sorting, though I did do some cutting for the no-sew totes.

Today, reality check again, getting prepped at work with end of quarter taxes to do, orders to get out the door and various things to organize. Onward while the clock still ticks!

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