Friday, July 19, 2013

Thursday on the project

We finished up painting the dining hall, kitchen, putting screens on windows, on the ceiling of a storage room, and building 2 footbridges over ditches.

The afternoon was for fun. Some of us played basketball with the kids, some made balsa wood planes. That was a blast, with a few kids and Craig having to hop onto the roof to get some down. Adonis and Gabriel stayed out with the planes hours after everyone else had gone inside.

We also had a small meeting with Pastor Pinto, the founder of the project who shared his passion for the project, the kids and the people who take care of them. The day ended with the kids presenting us with songs, dance, drama and beatiful words and testimonies. Too many photos of that to share in one post.

It was our last full day here. Friday we will be hiking with the kids up a hill nearby and playing some football (soccer) before heading to Teguc and the WGM guesthouse.

I haven't said much about the impact the kids have had on us. Typing these posts on a phone and in the few quiet moments hasn't given much chance for that but as I process those thoughts, I will share those here.

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