Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Things to do before going away

Part of the purpose of this blog is for my own mental preparation for a short term mission trip. It's also to help others get involved in serving and to give people information if they are embarking on their own adventure!

As our countdown gets tighter and the clock seems to hit fast-forward, some of the things on my own list (other than actual packing):

  • Prepare my animals for the boarding kennel - that includes innoculation records, feeding instructions, prepping food, bedding etc
  • Arrange for a friend come over to water plants, look after chickens and keep an eye on things, take garbage to the street
    > They might also pop in and turn lights on & off (or you can use a timer). Good deterrent for burglars.
  • Informing the alarm security company that we are away. Alarms going off => send police
  • Stop delivery of mail/ newspapers. The USPS will hold mail till return
  • Making copies of important documents for ourselves and for someone at home to keep
  • Give copy of itinerary and flight details to friend/ family/ church
  • Pay bills. If anything is due while we're away, I don't want to be late with payment
  • Advance checks for employees. They will still want paying next week!
  • Cleaning out the fridge/ fruit bowl/ trash can. Don't want to come home to the smell of rotten veg!
  • Prepping some freezer meals - so I don't have to cook for a few days when I come home!
  • Prepping some clothes - so I don't have to do laundry for a few days when I come home!
  • Change some money into foreign currency. In small towns or for unusual currency, banks may need to order it.
  • Mow the lawn
  • Inform credit card company that there may be foreign transactions showing for a certain time period. This will ensure they don't put a stop on it for unusual activity. 
  • Take credit card company phone number in case card is stolen.
  • Pick up any prescriptions that will be needed

    I am sure there should be other things, but this gets me started!
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