Thursday, January 25, 2018

Round 5! Honduras 2018 & a setback

I can't believe we're here already, starting our team meetings, bible study and fundraising for our 5th trip to the Manuelito Project in Honduras. It's really incredible to watch these youngsters grow. We first visited in 2013, and some of those young teens are now maturing into young adults: attending trade schools, completing high school, hoping of college.These are things they could never do without the hope and opportunity offered by places like Manuelito. And some of the little ones are becoming pre-teens and teens, developing very typical teenage personalities, playful, hopeful, ambitious.....

I wonder every year what my 'job' will be, what will God have me focus on, learn or teach. Each year, it's something vastly different. Hearing testimonies from the children and working with them has strengthened my faith, but also my ability to help others in our own community at home. Sharing my testimony with them has given a voice to my own past, and allowed me to find another new way to help others. 

Unfortunately, our year has started a little rocky as Jason recently broke his leg in 2 places (fibula and ankle) and potentially needs surgery. THANKFULLY this is far enough away from our trip that he has time to heal, but it will greatly impact the work he can do between now and then, both during the day in his job as a fabricator/running our business, and for our active fundraisers, such as washing cars and so on. New plans are afoot (seriously, no pun intended), but as we usually take several months to gather all the funds, this setback puts a sense of urgency to getting started.

So.... our list and fun begins. Team car washes will happen as weather allows, and we'll post those on facebook. I'll be selling crocheted lap blankets, baby blankets and throws. Jason will hopefully have some copper crosses for sale, and maybe if we ask nicely, he will be able to make some soap.

Check out a couple of the upcoming fundraisers, some you can join in from anywhere in the USA!

For a simple donation of any amount, follow the link! This is a secure payment through Paypal, using a Debit or Credit card, if you don't have a paypal account.

Souper Bowl Sunday! 

If you are local to the Butler PA area, you can order Soup from us! Make your selection and pick up options at this Google form!

NATIONWIDE! Valentine's candy sales 

Sarris is a Pennsylvania chocolatier that makes delicious chocolate. Valentine's candy sales are underway and ship direct to you anywhere in USA!! Use Group ID 10-3221

My Trades of Hope website

I've loved learning about the artisans that make these products, mostly women who have been given an opportunity to learn a trade and to become independent, to send their children to school. Some have been rescued from trafficking situations or from forced labor. Check out the beautiful jewelry and other items, supporting those women and our mission trip! 25% of every sale will support our trip!

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