Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Setbacks and leaps forward

In January I wrote that Jason had recently broken his leg, and that he should be healed in plenty of time for our trip. And he would have been, had he not broken it again--in 5 places!--just weeks after getting off his brace from that first break!!  After a much bigger surgery and longer in a cast, unfortunately he has definitely had to pull out of this year's trip. It's a disappointment and a worry, not to mention that he's long tired of crutches and knee scooters and the pain.

So that, in part, has kept me from documenting our work this year. We've fund-raised as usual and we have 13 people going to Honduras in a few days, and we have 13 cases filled with an outfit and shoes for each kid at the Project, as well as school supplies and personal items, all donated by members of our church.  We're ready to get going!

Last year I shared some prayer requests, and I'd like to continue that tradition. I was comforted last year by so many people who were praying for us. When there were moments of doubt or worry, I was strengthened by the knowledge that someone was lifting us up to the Lord for strength and discernment.

Some of the prayers I ask for are below. Please feel free to pray as you feel led.

- For our family members at home, for their health and well-being, and that we can focus on being available to be used by God, uninhibited by worries and anxieties from home.

- For the children at the project, for their well-being, for their openness to us, and that we can show them God’s love through our work, play and the donations we bring them from the church.

- For the staff and for the project as it goes through a period of financial need; for wisdom and discernment in their leadership so they are always following God, and doing right by Him as that will always lead to doing right for the children.

- For our group to be able to work well together and to embrace the opportunity to renew each day in Christ, seeing each other and the children through the eyes of Christ so that we may love and give ourselves generously.

- For Debi and me to be open to the Spirit’s promptings, open to our team’s needs, guiding them and helping them as needed, and for other members of the team to be able to lead where their skills and gifts are needed.

- For our preparation time, and for safe travel, there and back.

- For joy--that we experience joy in our service, enjoy our time with the children, that we represent God to all those around us as One who wants us to enjoy life as well as serve Him through loving others.

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