Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tuesday - making purses at Manuelio Project

I type these posts from my phone, so please excuse typos and the non-captioned pics. Plus Tuesday's post is late because it was an eventful day! Some great, some just sent to block our work here.

So, the great. We prepped treat bags for the kids before going on to finish painting the dining hall, and Jason made progress with the steel mesh for the windows in the kitchen. We had some really wonderful time spent with the girls on the project, we made the no sew totes that were a huge hit. Lots of fun, lots of grinning, posing for photos, sharing, hugging. It was a blessing to be part of it. A few younger boys wanted to join in but we have airplanes for them which we will do today (Wed).
In the evening we had movie night in the hall, with peanut butter and crackers for a treat. We had little cups we'd brought from home. The kids also like to join us with painting, some have good English, others understand us but are to shy to speak it.

Some of the delays... as we finished up the bags, some government workers came to fumigate for mosquito control. With little warning, these guys gave no chances for people to move or clear out possessions. The stink of diesel fumes lasted for many hours and we sat outside just waiting. One of the photos show it billowing through. In addition, several of the team caught a stomach virus that has been around the town and it has wiped them out, with Gretchen and I on nurse duty. 

Today the sick ones are recovering and resting, hoping to be able to rejoin us tonight. Nothing serious but also not nice for them.Please pray for quick recovery and protection for the rest of us and the project, and that we can use our remaining time to serve well!

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