Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Laundry day

For me, today is laundry day. As half of our crew have been sick, I am washing bed sheets and towels. For the kids that would mean using the concrete washing wells with washboard and cold water. In the pool of the well swims little fish and tadpoles.

For me, I get to use a washer at the directors house, on the porch. 1 washer works, to a limit. I load with clothes, put in the hose then walk to the back of the building to turn it on. Back to washer to watch it fill, return to tap to turn off, back to washer to run the machine.
Come back in an hour, repeat filling process to rinse. Repeat a 3rd time for extra rinse if clothes were dirty and extra soap needed (no hot water). It has taken me several hours to wash, and even with the washer I had to use the washboard for cleaning some things properly.

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