Monday, July 15, 2013

Sunday at the project

An interesting day that started with a breakfast of pancakes follwed by a game of kickball and soccer. Yes, even I ran about for kickball! We shared the field with some roaming cattle.

Sunday is relaxed, so we spent the day planning the week a little more, watching the kids have dance lessons from a young local boy, and generally getting to know the kids. A little surprise was that we would be leading church today. We sang a couple of songs in Spanish then English (they all new Open the Eyes of my Heart which was awesome), 3 of us gave testomies, Rob gave a message & Jason prayed us out.

Lunch was delicious fish tacos, dinner of chilli then cake. We do eat better than the kids but they eat plenty.

Water was off for most of the day due to the rain the night before. Note for future: bring lots of wipes for brief clean ups and handwashing.

A good day, and as I finish this post this Monday morning, I see some of the local kids riding into the project school on a pony.

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