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To do: Missions Packing lists

I don't have my most productive days unless I have a list that helps me focus and clears my brain of clutter.

Currently I am working on packing lists for our short mission trip - what to have in our carry ons, what to check into the airplane baggage hold. I will detail below what I have for anyone using this for future reference. 

Ideally, I'd pack real light and only use one carry on bag and my purse or a small bag. But we will be taking gifts too, so I don't think that is going to be feasible so for now I am assuming a purse, a carry on and a suitcase to check in. 

[If you've never flown before, a checked bag is one that you hand over to the airline when you check in at the ticket counter. They put it in the cargo hold of the plane and you get it back at the destination.]

Of course, depending on conditions of where you go, you might have some specific needs. Also pay attention to ever-changing airline rules.

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Personal bag

American airlines, max size for this (if you are also taking a carry on) has dimensions length + width + height less than 36 inches
  • Passports & tickets,
  • vaccination certificates
  • money
  • visa (N/A for short trip to Honduras)
  • phone & kindle
    > A money belt is a good option for safely carrying cash and important items.

Carry On bag

American Airlines current guidelines are 22x14x9 max size {Link}
Liquids & gels (shampoo etc) must be in bottles of 3.4 oz or less.
They must ALL fit into single quart-sized transparent bag; one per person is allowed.
Cosmetics such as mascara are considered liquid or gel. {Link}

  • Change of clothes (at least one set in case luggage goes missing)
  • Small travel toiletry kit in clear ziplock bag - toothbrush/ paste, wipes, tissue,
  • Contact lens kit
  • Camera
  • Medications - anti-malaria pills, eye drops, prescription medication,
    tylenol, non-drowsy dramimine, Tums
  • Spare shoes
  • Small gifts
  • Bible, journal, pen
  • Testimony - have your testimony written out, especially if someone will be translating.
  • Sunglasses

Checked Baggage

American Airline size and weight limits: Link
Bottle volume limit for liquids your checked baggage: Max size per bottle 16oz, total 70 ounces.

  • toothbrush & paste 
  • dental floss (very versatile and strong, can be used as string/ thread)
  • razor & shaving cream
  • sunburn remedies & sunscreen 
  • towel, if not supplied
  • soap and shampoo 
  • Toilet paper (remove inner tube to flatten, pop in ziplock to keep dry)
  • Feminine hygiene items, small bags for disposal
  • Contact lens solution
  • Hand sanitizer/ wet wipes
  • Comb/ brush
  • Deodorant
  • Small First Aid kit including anti-diarrheal, laxatives, anti-histamine
  • Hair bands & ties
Laundry items
We will have a small washer/ dryer at Manuelito Project
  • Travel pack of laundry detergent
  • Plastic bag for dirty clothes
  • If no dryer, take a small clothes line and some clothes pins

Tip #1: base on climate & modesty. Other countries have not all embraced short shorts and spaghetti straps.
Tip #2: Consider taking things you wouldn't mind leaving behind for the people there. This can also apply to things like your first aid kit or shampoo etc.
  • T-shirts & loose shirts/ blouses
  • Pants, cotton/ light if in hot weather
  • Long shorts
  • Walking/ work shoes
  • 1 set smart clothes & shoes for church/ speaking
  • Team t-shirt, if applicable
  • Swim suit, if applicable
  • Flip flops/ shower shoes
  • PJs/ sleep clothes
  • Underwear/ socks 
  • Warmer clothes for evening (check ahead for evening temps)

  • Water bottle (maybe water cleaning tabs or straws)
  • Snacks
  • Gifts for missionaries and the kids
  • Supplies - if taking work supplies with you
  • Bug spray
  • Sunscreen & aloe vera for sunburn
  • Poncho
  • Work gloves
  • Zip lock bags to keep things dry
  • Sweat band or hat
  • Small flashlight, batteries
  • Few photos of family to show
  • Phrasebook/ translations
  • Charger for kindle or phone
  • Electrical adapter (N/A for Honduras, but in many countries you may need an adapter for your electrical items)
  • Mosquito net, if applicable (not for our trip)
  • Spare batteries.  [Uninstalled lithium batteries cannot be checked, but spare regular batteries can be. See FAA guidelines if unsure]

Update after trip: A few extras I will take -
dry shampoo
lots more wet wipes (and lysol wipes)
Crackers/ light snacks

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