Saturday, June 29, 2013

Shopping for mission clothing

We're going to a hot humid place in their rainy season, so clothing for us needs to be light and airy while still maintaining modesty. Not all countries have embraced short shorts or spaghetti straps, and it's important not to offend our hosts.

With that in mind, we've been paying attention to what we see in photos of the project. Longer shorts, almost always pants. Some tank tops, mostly full t-shirts.

Have you tried to shop in an American mall lately for a teenage girl?  It is extremely difficult to even purchase shorts that are finger tip length (school rules), let alone nearly down to the knees!  We have compromised by getting capris, or getting older out-of-style jeans and cutting off below the knee and turning them up for long shorts. [I would love to think that schools could put pressure on the fashion industry so parents don't struggle with this so much. Alas, I fear it will always be the reverse with schools relaxing rules to meet the lack of co-operation of the fashion designers. Mini rant over.]

We are also aware of certain things like slogans on t-shirts (America sense of humor isn't always acceptable everywhere else), camouflage patterns (countries recovering from recent wars, this might trigger trauma in people with PTSD),  tattoos might need to be covered (offensive in some places, also consider fear for street kids after seeing gang tattoos all their lives).

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