Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dual team dinner and a 'real' missionary!

Food is a common theme of our meetings. On Sunday we got together for our team meeting & coupled it with lunch. Last night we have a combined team get together with a meal with the folks traveling to Unalaska.

While we are in Honduras, nineteen others will be on the island of Unalaska in the Bering Sea. They have a long trek to get there, it will take a couple of days of flying and boat, and then will be serving at a United Methodist church on the island.

Last evening they had a meal for them and their families, and they kindly invited us along. It was a pleasant evening and Jason took along the Honduran bean soup to share.

They had a speaker, Susan Fuller, who is a missionary working in the far east of Russia. Sue is from Western PA but has been serving in Russia for 18 years. She talked a little of her ministry there (in an orphanage) and gave us a few tips for our trips - flexibility (which happened to be our topic at Sunday's team meeting) and don't forget to include the missionary's children when we take our trip. So often people are focused on the work with the natives they forget that to include anything for the kids of the missionaries who are also serving and sacrificing.

It was a pleasant and informative evening!
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