Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Goal focused and on the right track for my Mission

The time has come for me to make some lifestyle changes. I remember all to well the conditions of the region from my first go around during my combat tour in Panama.

If you know me you know that I am over weight, and after some personal tragedy in my family, I just let myself go. I stacked up 86 pounds in just over two years. When I got bigger I just bought bigger clothes. Prior to that I was not taking care of myself as I should have.

With this in mind, I had laid those problems before God, and he did help me get through those tough times. I stayed faithful and continued to love him as I dealt with my issues.

SO two weeks  ago I started a diet and exercise routine... So far I have lost 10 pounds and tomorrow is weigh in...

Even though I get to get rid of that skeleton I told you about, but it is also has motivated me to get fit and healthy. Just another praise to God for this Mission trip, what a Blessing.
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