Thursday, March 28, 2013

When you open the door and invite God into your heart.

For many years I felt too dirty for God to see me and show me his love. I just knew he wouldn't want someone like me in his home, let alone be an active force in my life.

I just had too much baggage for God to see my heart and all those issues I was dealing with. From drug use, alcohol use, sex, lies, using his name in vain, stealing my neighbor's paper and so on. The list goes on, but I had too much on my list and it went far beyond a sinner's list, so I thought.

Pastor Dale Coffey would be the turning point in my life, a man who not only stood firm on his love for the Lord, but a man who reached out and loved me. For the first time in my life, a Christian man reached out to me and invited me to understand and taught me how God loved me no matter what.

Although I have moved state, and dedicated myself to my new church, FUMC Butler I love how Dale brought me to our Lord. But Pastor Dave, and our other Pastors, have grown my love for God. Pastor Dave has been there so many times, and I love him so much.

Pastor Dave Panther has the same heart, and I quickly fell in love with him. I saw maturity and a love for God that was calm and honest. As I watched him getting ready to preach to our members downtown, I saw a man filled with the Holy Spirit and love for the Lord.

Here is a photo of my Baptism, and I remember Pastor Dale coaching me as we headed to the Baptism pool for a full submersion for a cleansing of my whole body. He said " Son you're a huge fellow, and your gonna have to help me out, I stand 5'7" and I just can't pull you back up on my own." I didn't help him at all, and as you see he brought me out of the water on his own.

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