Saturday, March 23, 2013

About the mission project

Our mission is taking us to an agricultural area of Honduras, near Talanga, about an hour from the capital city of Tegucigalpa.

Honduran cities are home to approximately 15,000 street children. Abandoned or orphaned, life for them is one of scavenging, stealing, being abused, becoming drug addict or perhaps part of the sex trade or trafficking.  It's a grim, desperate life and many don't make it past the age of 18. Indeed, half of the population of Honduras is under 18. 

In 1999, Pastor Jorge Pinto founded the Manuelito Project. 
Funded by churches, World Gospel Mission and served by his church and by missionaries, the project is home to approx 40 kids. 

The children learn life skills as well as receiving a classroom education, nutritious meals, a home and the chance of a future.  Set in farmland, they grow food and keep cows and chickens, providing life-long skills for the children as well as nutritious food!

  The vision of their project is bold.
"To see Honduras free of children living on the city streets.

To see those who are currently on the streets, rescued and given a chance for an education that will enable them to become good men and women, immersed in the development and productivity of our country, and seeking God's will in their lives."

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