Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Being on a short term mission team - what to expect?

One of the most obvious questions when beginning preparations for a short term mission trip is "What can I expect?"

This is such a big question with so many possible answers!  We are very blessed to be going with a team from our church and through World Gospel Mission, so we get help along the way. The planning involved will include everything from fundraising, spiritual preparation and physical preparation. Each of our planning meetings will include an element of bible study as well as a chance to get to know our other team mates.

Questions that will help with this planning involve knowing the culture of the country, the weather & humidity,  what vaccinations we need to have, what potential issues might arise, if we have any limitations on things like clothing we can wear. Knowing the project, we can determine whether we have electricity, a bed and various other conditions, as well as get an idea of what work we might be doing.

One book that has been recommended to us & that we will be reading is Successful Mission Teams: A Guide for Volunteers. 

From the Author

If you want to go on a mission team, but don't know where to start, you'll find common sense advice in Successful Mission Teams. From how to choose a sending organization to how to pack, tip, stay healthy,or speak through a translator, Successful Mission Teams provides easy-to-follow guidelines for the volunteer. The practical advice given in Successful Mission Teams enables volunteers to go to their field of service, prepared and able to focus on ministry rather than survival.

Want to support us? We seek your prayers for the planning and so that we may be a blessing to the people we meet in Honduras! For financial support, see our support page
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