Monday, March 25, 2013

Making some changes that can only be positive

A few years ago, we suffered a great loss in our family. It was a life changing loss, one that tore at everything that I was. I knew God was with me everyday, I heard his whisper a few times, as well as felt his presents. 

Attending grief counseling for 3 months helped me to get my mind pointed in the right direction. However there were other issues including depression I needed to deal with. I had also just quit smoking six months before it happened.

Because I was often driving out of state to handle my Dads Estate, didn't care about my weight, I started some very unhealthy eating habits. Habits dropped into a way of eating and time off the homestead didn't allow me to grow my own food. I am not blaming or pointing the finger at anyone but myself here. With any tragic happening we all go through personal changes as we face these serous issues.

In two years I put on a lot of weight, 68 pounds to be honest. Before I decided to apply to go on this Mission trip, I knew I had to loose the weight.

I remember all to well the hot, humid days and the insects in the jungle in that region. For health reasons as well as for the Mission, I have dedicated myself to losing the weight in the next 110 days.

When we go through tough times in our lives, we can sometimes develop some bad habits that we need to control. It takes will power and a clear goal to make this happen. I have both of those, and I have already started my diet and exercise routine. So far I have lost 9 pounds, and although that is a start, I know I will have to continue to work harder and harder.

Grief is something that each of us have a very different time to work through it. If you can't do it alone, remember to always pray, seek out help through the Church and Professionals.  
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