Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mission Trip to Honduras

In Summer 2013, my family (Jason, Jessica and I) will be traveling in a team of 13 from our church to work with the Manuelito Project in Honduras. We feel very blessed to have this opportunity! 

50% of the population of Honduras is under the age of 18.  53% of the population live below the poverty level, and thousands of children are homeless. Many are orphaned or abandoned, living on the city streets.

The streets of Honduras are dangerous places. Many of the street children live in abandoned buildings, cardboard boxes, old cars. Many are drug addicts, are abused, are murdered.

The Manuelito Project was founded by Pastor Jorge - he was once homeless himself. Pastor Jorge gives a home to approximately 40 of these children. They are given a loving place to live and an education so they can eventually join society with a positive role, instead of a desperate one.

We will be joining them for one week, ready to serve in whatever way God is calling us. Our church is generously donating 50% of the cost of the trip, and we are raising the rest.

Ways you can help

There are several ways you can help us!

Prayer.  Please pray for all aspects of our journey, and that we can bless the children as much as I am sure we will be blessed!

Time  If you are local to us (Butler County PA) and would like to help at a fundraising event, please contact us through our GoFundMe page 

Financial sponsorship

Paypal or Credit Card:
If you don't have a paypal account
you can still use this tab & just pay by card

Through GoFundMe

Check - US Dollars
Make checks payable to World Gospel Mission, and send to PO Box 107, West Sunbury, PA 16061
If you would like a tax receipt, please include a return address!

In the coming weeks we will also announce fun fundraisers and other ways we will be raising money for this trip!
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