Thursday, February 27, 2014

Personal care, missions

When I show my photo book of our last Honduras trip to friends, one thing many point out is how clean and well dressed some of the kids are, especially the older ones. It may surprise some to know that it is some of the older boys that are pointed out as being the most well groomed.

But it's not by good luck or good fortunes. They take great care of the few things they have. With a small dorm filled with bunks, and small cubbies for their possessions, they don't have a lot of nice things. But it was a regular sight to see the teenagers washing their clothes on the stone water pila basins.  They scoop water from the center basin onto the washboards and scrub their clothes in the cold water with bars of soap. Then they hang their clothes in the sun, over the fence, or laid flat on the ground.  They know their clothes are not easily come by; they take care of them and of how they look. It's something they can do well for themselves. So they do.

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