Sunday, February 23, 2014

New Year and New Opportunities

Last year's posts came to an abrupt halt as work got so busy, and life took over. Changes at home and other things took priority over writing about them.

But I am really excited to have another excuse to start posting again! Because we are going back to Honduras! All four of us, Jason, Joshua, Jessica and I will be going back to the Manuelito Project in Honduras this August.

I am so excited and feeling blessed to get this chance to travel again with a team from church. To meet for planning, bible study, fundraising and so much more. I am really interested to see how it unfolds this year as we come to it a little older, having grown a little more, and with more experience under our belt. Perhaps a little more relaxed as it's more familiar to us, with more ideas and room to grow.

We request prayers for the coming months as we prepare again. As we get to know new team members, as our son joins us this year for his first trip, and as we prepare ourselves spiritually and physically.

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