Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Goals for Preparations and Fundraising

Since we're visiting the same place as last year, the Manuelito Project, all the concerns of the unknown are settled. We know where we are going, we know the people, the food, the sleeping arrangements, the weather, the kind of work we will be doing. So for the next 5 months we can focus on some new ideas for what we will do with the kids in Honduras, and how we will raise the money.

Since the money is due first, we will be focusing on that upfront. A third is due in just a couple of months. We have a big goal for our family: $8,000. 

That covers: air fares, room and board, then an amount to cover projects that we will be doing - for example, materials, paint, tools etc. So it's not all to get us there - a lot of it is for the project itself and will benefit the kids. The project just began the foundations for a new school so we might be working on that!!

If you would like to help out, visit our page for ways to help!

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