Friday, November 8, 2013

30 Days of Thanks: Day 8

Thankful to know so many people who are so generous with their gifts. Giving their time, skills and talents, and their offerings.

Our world is so busy. We expect everything to happen now. For rewards now. If we order something today, we want it tomorrow. If our children join a sport, they are pushed earlier and younger, more and more. We make jokes that we're the teen taxi.

All of that strips away energy, and keeps us focused on ourselves. So it's a great blessing to be surrounded by people who like to give. They restore my energy, and remind me that it's a blessing and a joy to give.

Last night I was blessed to spend the evening with families who gave up their time to pack shoe boxes. We held our annual Operation Christmas Child packing party, and we packed more than 225 shoe boxes of gifts. Thanks to those who helped. That's more than 200 children who will feel your love and the love of God!

To know a bit more about Operation Christmas Child, see my previous post.
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