Wednesday, November 6, 2013

30 Days of Thanks: Day 6

Electricity. It is the best. I'll add indoor plumbing and hot running water to that. 

I might be married to a modern pioneer, but that's how close I like to get to oil lamps and boiling water over the fire.

The other night we had a power outage again. Jason is a light sleeper these days and he woke up around 2:30am when he felt something was a little different. Maybe it was because the underlying buzzing of appliances was stilled. Or the bathroom nightlight and the LED alarm clocks and outside lantern went dark. Or the fact that my dog was pacing up and down, panting with worry that something was different.  Either way, it woke him up and he woke me up so I could use my cell phone as an alarm clock in the morning.

I got up to dig out candles and flashlights - they were not in their usual place and I knew I'd have to get Jess up early for school so she'd have extra time as she stumbled around in the pitch dark. I briefly debated throwing her in the car and driving to the Y to use their lights and showers.

Jason was much more enthusiastic and said it was an exciting challenge. I debated thumping him for being cheery at daft o'clock in the morning. And I groaned when I realized I wouldn't get to have coffee in the morning from my automated coffee pot.

I dislike unexpected power outages immensely. More so when it's pitch dark outside and I have to be moving around. Even more so because our well pump stops working so we also have no water. But I knew I'd have to keep my grumbles to a minimum if I wanted to limit the drama of a 14 year old girl who would not be able to take a shower or use her hair dryer.

As 5am rolled around, Jessica sat bleary eyed, staring at me with hope to find a solution. I paced around, and grumbled very quietly. And like that... click.... the lights kicked on, appliances whirred to life, the hot water steams from the shower. The drama was limited to just moments, after all that.

I give thanks for this modern marvel of electricity. Oh, how being without it for a short time (the most I have gone without was 12 days) makes me see the huge divide between the lives of those who have it and those who don't. How different so many small activities become when one doesn't have hot water, or a light to flick on.

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