Thursday, November 7, 2013

30 Days of Thanks: Day 7

I have always been aware how blessed I am to have been born in a free country, that by providence I was born somewhere that I am able to vote, pray, speak out.

As I said a few days ago, giving thanks for what we have can bring compassion for others for what they don't have.

More recently this issue of freedoms and providence has been pressed on my heart. From my visit abroad. From reading. From speaking online with people in countries where they live in fear every day for being known as Christians.

More and more I read of murder, flogging and persecutions of our brothers and sisters around the world. My heart cries out to the Lord for them, for Him to give them strength and courage, to know He is with them. And I pray for the enemies that beat them down, for their hearts to be softened and for them to have mercy.

Today, Thursday November 7, there are diplomatic talks between the new Iranian president and world governments. Please pray for those talks to include discussions about the treatment of Christians, and for the release of those imprisoned simply for professing their faith in Christ.

One such man is US Citizen, Pastor Saeed Abedini. He was imprisoned in 2012 and was recently moved into a very dangerous prison. He needs our prayers. His family needs our prayers.

You can learn more about Saeed at
You can also sign an online petition, requesting that our government continue to seek his release.

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