Thursday, June 22, 2017

Needs collection

I can't change the world. There is no question there, but a group effort can make a huge difference in the world of a few. And I say group, not just meaning those who get on a plane and travel, but also including the prayer warriors, the donors and supporters. And those who inspire and encourage us. All of those people send something with us when we go. 

This is the time of the year when we started collecting for the 'needs' of the project. That is, items that they currently have on their shopping list!  We'll be filling 15 cases to full of donations and things to do with the children: crafts, games, sports equipment etc. 

The following items are being collected over the next 2 weekends. If you sponsor one of the children at Manuelito Project, we can take your cards, letters, photos and gifts to them.

Kids soccer balls
Masking tape
White Board markers
White Board erasers
Round tipped scissors
Glue sticks for glue gun
Red ink pens
Permanent markers black, blue, red
Yarn of various colors
Finger paints
Disposable razors
Bars of soap
Sun screen
Bug spray                       
Women’s pads (thin)
Clothing: From sizes age 5 to age 14
Bras sizes 32-38.                        
Underwear for girls & boys (boxers/boxer briefs)
White T-Shirts
Jeans (max. size 34x32)

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