Monday, May 29, 2017

Progress and the Project

I am writing this early on Memorial Day with prayerful thanks for those who bravely stood for their country and cause, and with prayerful love and compassion for the families that sacrificed also.

I wanted to share our progress to date! So far our team has raised enough for our trip, plus the extras we need to buy work supplies, and crafts/games for the kids, some shoes to take for them,  and money to cook for them one night.  We will have a 'needs drive' next month for clothes, school supplies and hygiene items. We have 15 suitcases to fill with donations!
If you'd like the needs list or to donate money for that,  contact me.

Above is a photo showing a portion of our rummage sale! This annual event supports the trip and brings in a huge portion of our money. The volunteers that run it plus the team do an amazing job, then have this space cleared up again for church!

The vehicle fundraiser was a massive success! Our goal was to raise $15,000. I thought that was an impossible goal but we smashed it at over 22,000, allowing them to purchase a second needed vehicle.
The vehicles allow the missionaries to get the children to doctors appointments, or to take them a few miles home after a school event, or to continue their important outreach in the town.

Here are a few recent photos of the children from the Manuelito Project facebook page.

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