Sunday, July 27, 2014

Calling prayer warriors!

A friend asked how she could pray for our trip to Honduras, so I thought I would share here so you can join, if you wish!

I expect God to be ever present, as He always is. When you do His work for His kingdom there's always a good chance that the enemy will do his best to stop it. For me that usually involves bogging me down in unnecessary details, distractions and various trials from every direction. For the past few months, there have been plenty of those - health, work and in other areas.

But I see God present in so many details. From the 'to the penny' fundraising, to the filling of spaces when some of the team had to bow out due to health reasons, to the coincidental coming together of planning and organizing.

For specific prayer, said with trust and expectations, please be praying that we travel safely, and with a servant's heart, we remain flexible and open to whatever challenges lay before us, for blessings of good health within the team and on the children and staff at the Manuelito project.

Needless to say, specific prayers will be needed along the way. Like like year, I hope to keep the blog updated with pictures and information, so stay posted!
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