Saturday, July 19, 2014

2 week countdown!

Being a tad tired & weary, I posted this on the eReader blog yesterday by accident. LOL. But since writing, I did get a good 9 hours sleep so I have no excuses now!! 

Time goes far too fast. I think if I had another 6 hours each day, I'd still have a full to do list. We do that, don't we? Fill our time, no matter how little or how much we have of it. We fill it then want more. Sometimes I forget to look up, soak in the light, dwell in the moment.

Today, Jessica arrived home from a 1 week mission trip in Michigan. She was with her youth group and had a wonderful time, with tears in her eyes telling me how God moved through them during the week. What a blessing for her and the others!

Now home, time for her to rest and get ready for Honduras!  Bag unpacked into laundry & straight back to bag for the next one! 

As for the Honduras teams, we have a lot to get prepped. With two teams, one from Aug 2-9, the other 9-16, we're co-ordinating a fair amount.
With the trips themselves now paid for, we're collecting donations of items (or money to buy items) to take. Goodies for the kids and things for us to do with them: crafts, games, sports and so on.
Then prepping crafts. That can be a time killer - cutting fabrics and such ahead of time so we can do them more easily there; thinking ahead what may or may not be available for us to use and so on. Um, and you know I can't do crafts, right? :)

We're planning for 60 kids - though only 40 live on site, they do have kids come in from town for school, sometimes siblings visit and of course, kids of the staff who may be visiting.

We also plan to take small gifts for the support staff and volunteers there. The people that live & work at the project, day in and day out. Cooks, teachers, dorm 'parents', security as well as the long missionaries and so on.

I'd better get on with it!
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