Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sponsorship thank you gifts!

We have been selling soap and t-shirts to raise money for the trip, but now we're also offering them as "Thank you" gifts for certain levels of donation!

Prayer Level: $10 donations, we will add you to our prayer list with thanks.

Postcard Level: For $25 donations we will send you a postcard after the trip, featuring a photo of the kids at the Manuelito Project.

T-shirt Level: For $50 donation, we will give you a mission trip t-shirt (blue color). Just let us know your size. These are for donations made before end of May as we order the shirts in early June!

Soap Level: For $100 donation, we will give you a set of 5 of Jason's handmade goat's milk soap, fragrances based on availability.

If you require the t-shirt or soap to be mailed to you, we do ask for shipping cost also (within US, $4 for the t-shirt, $6 for the soap).

How to donate? You can do it through this site with paypal or a credit card, or to reduce our fees, by check. If you make it by check, please put the Sponsorship Level in the memo line to get your thank you gift!

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