Sunday, May 4, 2014

Fundraising update! T-Shirt sales!

We were very blessed recently when our church agreed to sponsor half of the cost of our trip! That is extremely exciting and we are very grateful indeed!

That puts us around 75% of the way through our fundraising (plus a little more to raise for our daughter Jessica who is also heading out of state for a week-long trip with her youth group!) 
We'll also be collecting for items to take down with us to Honduras: treats, gifts and things to do with the kids in Honduras. More on that soon.

Our latest fundraising is our team t-shirt. We have a t-shirt that everyone on the team will be wearing, and we've decided to also offer it for sale to anyone who wants one!  Carco, a local company who makes a lot of t-shirts to support the church, are supplying them and we're selling them for $10 each. 

As always you can still support us directly with financial donations or buying soap! See the Support page for details.


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