Friday, October 27, 2017

Compassion in new ways!

This has been on my mind to do for over a year now, and this week I joined Trades of Hope as a Compassionate Entrepeneur! What is that? you might ask!

Trades of Hope was started by 4 women who knew they could change lives! They find women and families in dire situations around the world and in USA, and give them an opportunity to change their own lives! Paid a fair price for their crafts, these women create beautiful accessories that we have the chance to enjoy! They are certified with Fair Trade, an organization that ensures the women are paid a fair price and work in reasonable conditions.These are women that have been living in forced labor, saved from sex trafficking, had to leave their children to earn money, or in similar dire circumstances. They are empowered to change their own lives--and one reason women are selected is that when one woman changes her life, on average she helps another 4 people do the same!

If you know me well, you know I am busy! And I frequently take on new projects and commitments. But one of my biggest passions is missions. I am currently planning my 5th trip to the Manuelito Project in Honduras in 2018, a refuge for children rescued from living on the streets. Trades of Hope, with their own mission to end poverty and empower women to change their life circumstances, is a perfect partner for me! It fits so well with my goals to make an impact in the world, and at the same time, I can raise money for my trips to the Manuelito Project in Honduras! All of my commissions will go to our missions trip!

Trades of Hope has beautiful jewelry, scarves, bags, Christmas ornaments and more! Perfect for Christmas shopping. Please check them out here!

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