Thursday, August 3, 2017

Mission trip prayer requests!

We leave soon, and so I want to be bold in my request for prayers, and some specific prayers at that. It's a long list, but not exhaustive. As a team, we always feel upheld by prayer and so we appreciate your precious prayer time!
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Thank you for your prayer partnership with us. As I find myself rushing around, I have to stop myself, remember to pray, and remind myself that my urgency should be about Jesus, not tasks. So, that's number one. That we have good quality times to focus on Jesus, on our prayer time, and in sharing our witness and testimony, with love, in all of our activities, from now until we return.

That we have safe travels, without anxiety, and that we remain healthy and safe during the trip.

That the children are at the center of all our efforts, and that we can impact them for the Kingdom of God, as much as they impact us.

That the light of Jesus shines brightly through us, and that we show His pure and unconditional love in everything we do, and the fruits of the Holy Spirit are able to pour from us in abundance.

That we connect deeply with the Lord in new meaningful ways, and that we remain obedient to Him, being flexible as He reveals His plans to us.

For the children and staff as they adapt to some leadership changes, and that we can be a positive and loving community for them, reminding them of God's goodness in His plans for their lives, while deepening our relationships with them.

That we remain openhearted to what God wants to reveal to us, and He helps us with that in His grace.

That we remember it's okay to have fun. Though this is never about us, it's good to enjoy our time with the kids and each other. God blesses us with community and uses this time to enrich our souls, our worship, our service--and that's something to celebrate and embrace.

That we have meaningful bonding together as a team, and that any moments of negative emotion, weariness, home sickness or other pains can be dealt with through love and grace.

That we are moved to be more generous than ever before, in ways that enrich lives, and to bring back that energy to share in our home community, and that we have the words to convey to others the message of missions in a way that stirs them into bold compassion and action.

For God to protect us and those at the project from any spiritual attack, and that we resist temptation to give in to any doubts or worries, but always seek God's strength, wisdom and discernment; and that we remember the power that is the name of Jesus!!

That we give God the glory through all of this, and we praise Him, His work and His name!!

That Debi and I can be the leaders that the team needs us to be as the months of preparation lead us into our journey.

On a personal note, for our families who are at home, for their health and well-being, and that any anxieties and worries from home or work, or about our trip, are settled in our hearts and minds.

Once again. Thank you for surrounding us and upholding us in your prayers.

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  1. Praying on this Saturday morning and in a "without ceasing" kind of way for our amazing team members as they travel. We are so grateful for all of you.


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