Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Team building, fundraising and a guest!

We're only in March (we're already in March?!) and already we have had several great meetings and fundraisers!  A couple of car washes and a chicken dinner have got us off to a great start.

At one of our team meetings recently, we had a very special guest. David Medina spent much of his childhood living at the Manuelito Project. At the age of 6 (SIX!) he was on the streets: begging, sleeping rough, and drawn into the reality of drugs as a means to stave off hunger, cold and pain. However, thanks to the great work--bold and compassionate work--of Pastor Pinto, founder of the Project, David was eventually brought to live at the children's home after 3 years living on the streets. Pastor Pinto (called Papi by the kids) was once raised in a similar project and he was called to the ministry of helping street kids a couple of decades ago. Through a program of swapping their drugs for food, the children on the streets were able to get to know Pastor Pinto and to learn about places like Manuelito Project.

David's story is one of great success. His siblings also found refuge at the project. Some still live there, another graduated and became a school teacher.  Today, as an adult, David is well rounded, a father to an infant, and grateful for the opportunity given to him to have a normal healthy life.

The Project that saved David and his siblings relies on donations and volunteers.  Recently we were told of a pressing need. For several months, the Project has been working without the use of a working vehicle.  The vehicles are vital to get the kids to doctors appointments, special classes, emergency care and to continue their outreach into the poorest communities.  With David's help, our church kicked off a drive to raise $15,000 towards the new vehicle.

Upcoming events!

April 2, 5:30pm-8:30pm: "Build a School" Bowlathon at Family Bowlaway, Butler.
April 22 9am-2pm: Craft and Vendor Spring Show, Butler Library
May 19/20: Huge Rummage Sale, Crossfire

Past fundraising and volunteering helped the project immensely. Recent photos show the kids in their new school building, with Phase II underway: a vocational training school! 
If you would like to donate to the car fund, message me or mail a check to Butler FUMC with "Honduras Vehicle Fund" in the memo.We are also selling Disciple Crosses for $10 each, These make great Easter gifts and can be shipped anywhere in the world.

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