Tuesday, August 18, 2015

3rd year... and the best yet!

For friends who have been awaiting news of our trip, I do apologize for my lack of communication during our trip this year. It was a busy week, and an emotional one. And though I have been home a couple of weeks, I was hit with some exhaustion, fevers, and insomnia.

All that said, thank you to those who have supported these trips in any way. It was a great blessing to be welcomed back to the Manuelito Project this year as family, and it was a true honor to be able to serve the kids and staff once more.

If you are in our area, Wednesday Aug 19th there will be a presentation at Crossfire at 6:45pm. Several people will talk about the trip, and there will be details of how you can get involved with the project in future - either visiting on a team or in other ways without leaving home!

I will share more here soon, but wanted to show a few photos at least, to give a sense of the week!

2 new children at the project, taking their total to 42 living there.
Another 80+ attend the school

Jessica with 2 of the boys. Good friends.

Josh flying a kite with some of the boys

Musical chairs - a fun night!

Josh with Okaren

The school volleyball match against another nearby school

Jason, Wendy & Joyce: working on the new school building.
Check out that scaffolding! I was not climbing that this year!

Our trip to the cross. It's a killer hike up the hill.
Edith, one of the girls at the project, & I did it together.

Nightly devotionals. A great way to end each evening with the team.

Wendy and Yeni. They struck up a great relationship 3 years ago
and Wendy is now a sponsor.

A couple of the boys trying to find their new tie dye shirts.
The day before we all made the shirts - controlled chaos!

Every chance they could get to spin!


The kids don't often do this hike anymore, they have been so often.
We were touched that they accompanied us up again!

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