Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Fundraising update, prayer request and street kids

An update.... Some ups and downs this year for our fundraising. We began fundraising much earlier this year in the hopes of getting a head start so we could finish sooner and then be able to collect goods to take to the kids in Honduras.

But we've hit many roadblocks. Possibly we began too soon (close to Christmas) but also some of the fundraisers we did were less profitable due to rising costs. Flight costs are higher, so we just added another $100 per person to our goal. And a big one is that we have to have our money paid up by the end of May this year, due to admin reasons.While we might be surprised at the increased costs and shorter timeline, I know that God isn't caught off guard & I do believe He has this under control.

It has made this part of our mission very challenging, though, and so I seek prayer support to help us overcome this very important hurdle. We've not heavily sought financial donations, instead working for the money as we are more than willing to put in the labor to make this happen! We've sold things, made soap and scarves, organized a show, we'll be washing cars, I've written resumes and more.... so I do pray for our efforts to be blessed so we can serve as we believe we have been called.

My family needs to raise another $1,400 within the next 6 weeks, and others in the team are in the same boat. These costs aren't to benefit us, or just to pay our way, but much goes to the project itself to help the street kids who are homed and educated there.

Speaking of the kids, within the last couple of weeks, it was International Day of the Street Child. The children of the Manuelito Project marched, danced & spoke in the local town. It's hard to imagine children this young out begging on the streets, isn't it? Or the teens living rough and joining gangs to survive. Thanks to the Project, these children don't have to. For more details on the place, see their Facebook page

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