Friday, August 8, 2014

The light of Christ

Getting to know more of the stories of these kids, one cannot deny the power of God working here. You see the Holy Spirit giving strength alongside the compassion of the volunteers and staff. You see the light of Christ in many of the kids.
It is a place filled with hard working, passionate people who give up luxury and a 'normal' life to give these kids a good hope and future. To let Christ work through them.

It was a greater pleasure, even more than last year, to be here and be part of that. These are not perfect people and they have struggles, but they let God lead them. I am thankful to have had this time with them.

Some of us spent several hours a day working on the new school. No doubt many people could have worked much faster than us, but the Honduran builder Carlos and his helper Eric were so good natured and patient with us, and we found ways to communicate through the language barrier. Carlos is a pastor of a nearyby church and is one example of the great kind of Godly men that the street kids get to have in their lives.

Today we head to Tegucigalpa. It was an emotional farewell for everyone. We built wonderful relationships that I pray we can sustain. 

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