Monday, May 6, 2013

The Reach... My Heart... My Mind... My Body

Perhaps the first thing people think about when going on a Mission trip is that they are going to change and improve the quality of they people they are going to serve. Oh wait, did I say going to serve? That is correct...

As I keep moving forward with loosing weight, now at just 30 pounds of weight loss, there is more to this than what is seen at the surface. It has taken discipline, hard work, change of habits and a reasonable weekly goal. At every level of 10-12 pounds of weight loss, I have rewarded myself with a reasonable dinner out as a reward.

The tropical region is nothing to take lightly, and so the weight loss will improve my quality of living everyday here as well as my days/week there at the orphanage. I know that changing my weight will improve my mobility and will allow me to operate better.

If I could save the world from all the ugly it has in it, I would.
Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. John 15:13 (NIV)
and so if my life, as I have placed before, down for others, I would offer myself and my own life down. True, there is no greater love, as the reality of combat has taught me. But I can not save the world on my own. I realize that God has many mission's in my life, some I understand clearly, some are made clear as time passes, some I am still learning and being taught. 

I have to remember, as I need to express to you, that some people don't want you to come "save" them from what they going through. We (Americans) often want to improve our standards, where some people are happy where they are at. Let me explain this. If we are hot, having access to a fan or air conditioner, we will turn it on to cool ourselves. In other countries like a third world country, they are fine with being hot. We want to bring on a better comfort level no matter what, and some people are very content and quite happy with just living from day to day.

There is nothing wrong with either perspective depending what your life goals and living conditions that you are happy with. 

My mind set isn't to go down there and teach/improve the quality of their lives, my goal is to go serve and assist the Missionaries that are established already. They know their goals, needs and demands. They know we are going there to help them, and if asked, I will teach if I can improve their conditions if I am asked too. Whatever is asked of me, whatever role I am to be in the team, I will serve/be where/what is needed from me. 

I will not be a bump on a log either, when I see something that needs to be done, cleaning and repairs and such, I will make the effort to complete that task. As a Missionary to them, I am going to serve/work and I am mindful that I am not going there to be on vacation. This isn't a holiday week for me, that will come later this summer. 

My heart will be open, filled with love, but I have a feeling they will teach me more than I understand/know. 
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